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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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"today in the bay" starts now. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia dw seegarcia. >> laura mentioned the wild fire condition. winds are still high. >> it's not going anywhere for awhile. it looks like we'll have the same conditions as we go through the week and some of us will be hi hitting the triple digits. we'll taunt that in a second. it feels nice now. it's 52 in san francisco and 60 in the south bay. mostly clear skies with some clouds right along the coast. it's 87 for the high today. the peninsula 97 in the south bay, and 95 in the north bay. we'll talk about what else to expect as we go through the week. that's coming up. let's head to mike. he's tracking a crash in the south bay. >> yeah. not a major issue but what to watch if you're using the capital expressway offramp. the rest of the bay moves very well. there are little bit of slowing. here is the crash we told you about affecting only the off ramp. the approach moves well against
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southbound 101 and northbound. looking at fremont coming down into or out of the south bay we had an earlier traffic break about 4:00 in the morning. after that everything smoothed out. back to you. >> mike. something else happening. check out what is left of a volvo. chp said the driver of the car crashed while speeding away from deputies. chp said the driver ran a red light in downtown san jose about 2:00 this morning. then a pursuit started. a few minutes later the volvo ended up on highway 101 going speeds up to 100 miles per hour. eventually the driver lost control, slammed into the center divide, and spun across all lanes before coming to a stop. the driver was injured but expected to be okay. police say he's going to face charges. thankfully no one else was injured. first in celebrations now the clean up. thousands fwlok to san francisco this weekend for pride
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separations. the trash didn't leave with them. today in the bay is live at civic center plaza this morning with how things went so far. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. san francisco police tell us there were no major incidents during a two-day pride celebration, which wrapped up last night. just up the street at the castro theater was a special screening of a gay pride movie. the streets behind me got a lot of water on it. the san francisco city crews have been cleaning up after this two-day gay pride celebration. this was the scene earlier yesterday as thousands of people marched down market street in the annual parade. it seems the crowds might have been smaller this year compared to other years. not clear if it was out of fear of what happened earlier this month in orlando when 40 people were massacred at the gay nightclub. security was tighter as a result. metal barricades to keep people
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secure. members of the community volunteered to help law enforcement to keep an eye our for problems. >> personally, i'm grateful. i know some people feel threatened by the extent of the police coverage, but to me it's reassuring. >> reporter: do you notice it? >> yes. >> reporter: there were also new security rules at the postparade celebration that took place at the civic center. the city installed entry points. they restricted bag size before letting them inside. san francisco police say they did arrest 19 people. this was on saturday. more than half for public inintox. we're waiting on the numbers for yesterday. reporting live at castro bob redell. >> for more coverage of pride 2016, you can head to our website and we posted pictures and videos. mayhem breaking out the
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state capitol. at least ten people are recovering after protesters and white supremacists clashed in sacramento on sunday. the capitol went on lock down as police scrambled to control the violence. it started when a group of about 30 demonstrators from the traditionalist workers party were met by 400 counter protesters on the state capitol steps. some threw pieces of concrete and rocks while several people were stabbed. >> this is crazy. somebody just got stabbed. it's real. it's a real fight. there's nothing exaggerated about it. >> two men suffered head injuries and two other people are critically injured this morning from stab wounds. no arrests have been made. decision 2016 today hillary clinton hit the road with a possible running mate. bernie sanders moved closer to supporting her. and donald trump about his comments on britain leaving the
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european union. the clinton/warren happens this morning in ohio. after clinton broadcasts an ad. the nbc wall street journal poll showing clinton with a five-point lead. top republicans becoming more confident that trump can win. >> comments in tush lerbulent t can cause more turbulence. >> i think they're beginning to right the ship. it's a long time until november. >> today is the first time senator elizabeth warren, an outspoken wall street critic, and possible running mate, joining clinton on the campaign trail. hillary clinton, in the meantime, making her way back to the bay area for a fundraising stop this week. first stop since coming back since becoming the presumptive nominee. she'll be in san francisco wednesday afternoon to attend a fund-raiser with jamie lee curtis. $1,000 gets in you the door,
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$27,000 gets you a meet and greet. san jose leaders trying to come together to address the homeless problem in the south bay. the city council will extend measures for fundraising for short-term housing. it would allow churches to open their doors without necessary permits. they will discuss putting up temporary housing on evan's lain lane. in the east bay, oakland leaders are considering a controversial proposal to stop the shipment of coal from the city's port. it comes after a proposal to build a new marine terminal there. it would service as a gateway for coal mined in utah. the coal would be put on cargo ships and sent to asia. environmental groups are upset about the transport of what they say is the leading cause of greenhouse gases. a developing story out of central valley. firefighters finally seem to be
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getting the upper hand on a fire burning 40 fimiles from backersfield. it was 10% over the weekend. it's now 40%. the fire burned more than 43,000 acres. it destroyed more than 200 homes. at least two people died as a result. firefighters say without many dramatic rescues, the death toll could be higher. >> we had firefighters actually pull people from their homes that were immobile and put them in fire engines to get them out of harm's way. so it's a very dynamic, fa fast-moving, scary situation. and the people fleeing for their lives -- >> amid the rescue efforts we're learning a drone got in the way of helicopters were that helping fire crews in the area. all helicopters were grounded for a half hour yesterday for safety precauses. they hope the fire fully contained by thursday.
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>> so much loss for people in that area. no doubt the air quality not good. >> 200 homes is a pretty big number. a lot of heat in the central valley. a lot of heat in the bay. >> we're talking some spots hitting the triple digits. not only there but in parts of the try valley and the delta. we're starting out with comfortable weather. it's 55 in napa and 62 in livermore, 60 in san jose. a look at the highs today up to 97 in santa rosa, san francisco 76. we'll have upper 90s for morgan hill. and concord 95 degrees. the heat continues as we go through the week. we'll talk more about what else to expect coming up in less than ten minutes. let's head to mike. showing slowing for oakland. >> that's right. a couple of spots. 580 grand line road. nothing unusual about that. southbound 880 as you're passing by the alameda offramp.
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slowing shows up on the sensors. the coliseum is down here. we'll look at the coliseum shot. nothing unusual shows up. road crews are picking up around the bay and that's why we might see slowing from time to time. that's likely going on. i'll check any problems in downtown oakland. coming up next the crucial decision that could come down in a matter of hours from the supreme court. the case that will impact abortion laws, clinics, across the country. plus, it could be another painful day on the markets. we'll have another closer look at futures this morning as the world tries to figure out the impact of the brexit vote. today the supreme court could i
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texas.ive abortn law in =laura/be today the supreme court will issue a key ruling on a restrictive abortion law in texas. >> tracy p-- tracie potts, they say it could be the most controversial issue ruling in decades. >> reporter: it's the last big ruling -- or the first since 2007, nine years ago when they ruled on late term abortion. this time the court is looking at specifics of a texas law that places restrictions on abortion clinics, doctors have to be privileged at near-by hospitals where the hospitals won't send
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the doctors an application for that. they're also looking at whether early abortion procedures, including the medical pill, have to be performed in an ambulatory surgical center not just in an abortion clinic. that's a huge, expensive upgrade for the clinics. and those against the law argue that even though abortion is legal, it makes it almost ill possible to get access to in texas with these restrictions in place. as you see it here, there's been a lot of controversy and back and forth and dmom concentration. now it's in the hands of the u.s. supreme court. their ruling expected within the next two hours. keep in mind, this is court that has eight not nine justices. we saw a 4-4 split last week on immigration. if that happens, the last ruling from the court stays. the last ruling on the texas abortion law is the clinic continue to operate until, even if they didn't meet those, until they took another look at the
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case. >> huge implications either way. tracie potts live from d.c. thank you. 5:13 now. gay pride celebrations wrapped up around the world, pope francis said christians should apologize for marginalizing the gay community. the pope held an hour long meeting. the topic came up as pope francis said he agreed with a german catholic cardinal who said the church should apologize to gays. >> on second thought, maybe we don't want to leave the eu after all. it turns out millions of british citizens are calling for a redo of the brexit vote. an online petition has more than 3 million signatures to hold another referendum on whether or not the united kingdom should stay or leave the european union. last thursday 51.9% of voters chose to leave.
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they are calling on the government to implement a new rule. the remain or leave vote is legitimate if the winning side gets 60% more of the vote or 75% turn out. any petition with more than 100,000 signatures automatically gets a hearing in parliament. brexit, as you know, has everyone watching the markets. we turn live to lane down dowdy. the markets reacted on friday. could be more of the same today. good morning. it looks like a rocky road ahead. they are trying to figure out the impact of leaving the european union. u.s. stock futures are lower ahead. japan rebounding partially from friday's 8% loss. europe is right across the board. the dow fell 610 points. the biggest point drop in the
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history. all told the global markets lost nearly $2.1 trillion in value. it's the largest drop on record. americans will be in the mood for a road trip this fourth of july weekend. 43 million people will travel. about 5 million more than memorial day weekend. that's largely spurred by gas prices which are at the lowest level in a decade. u.s. drivers save about $20 billion on gas so far this year. and starbucks is expanding the reach. the chain will start selling premium coffee from india at the u.s. in this year. just at the roastery and tasting room in seattle to start with. back over to you. >> more coffee options at starbucks. >> could use it here now on this monday morning. >> thank you very much. in the meantime the media is being kept out of the new court hearing over prince's estate. the judge overseeing the late rock star's estate is denying a
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request from the associated press and other journalists. they're asking to intervene to ensure that the public has information about the estate proceedings. today's hearing will help determine who stands to inherit prince's $300 million estate. prince died on april 21st of an accidental drug overdose. he didn't have a written will. you could buy this. prince certainly loved the purple, but his favorite guitar was bright yellow. he played this guitar from 1988 to 1994. it was sold saturday night in an auction at beverly hills. all right. what do you think? >> i don't know. $50,000. $75,000. >> higher! higher! >> a million dollars! >> not that high. not that high. not that high. $137,500. and the man who bought it is the owner of the indianapolis colts. he own the historic instruments from john lennon, ring go star,
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and bob dylan. >> i wonder which was the most expensive. >> i don't know. we'll find out. would it shock you if someone spent a million dollars on a celebrity's guitar. >> i don't think so. >> if you're a fan, i guess if they have the money. >> yeah. certainly, which rules out just about everybody. i think that guitar was called yellow cloud. not a ton of clouds today. more of the heat thing. >> the yellow sun. we'll have that as we go into the day and high at that time. it will be like the weather we had over the weekend. if you're alone the coast, no too bad. inland areas are sizzling. as we start out the morning, a live look at the golden gate bridge. we will have low clouds starting out. it's nice and comfortable at 52 in san francisco. 62 degrees in livermore, and san jose is at 60 degrees. as we break it down for san jose, going by the next couple of hours temperatures rising from the 60s into the mid 80s by
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lunchtime. 2:00 89 degrees. briefly hit the low 90s and drop back to 71 degrees and it won't be until 10:00 tonight. it will be another hot day in gill roy, up to 102 degrees. pacifica, one of the cool spots, 72 degrees. now we have a wide range of temperatures. it just depend on where you are. even just driving from one spot to the next, you may need to change your wardrobe a little bit. it will be 102 in fairfield, in oakland 80 degrees, in dublin up to 99 degrees today. as you take a look at the seven-day forecast, the bottom of the screen, it is still going to be hot throughout the week. so if you're heading to the beach today, at 5:00 we'll have temperatures at ocean beach at 69 degrees. 65 in half-moon bay, and santa cruz a little warmer up to 79. we have the high pressure that is causing this intense heat over the central valley starting to move into spots like sandra
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mown. today close to 100 degrees there. we have some 70s in san francisco and for those areas along the coastline. and, of course, the bay bridge series kicking off tonight. it will be beautiful for that at at&t park. let's head to mike to see what is happening for this morning's commute >>well, we don't have a lot of problems this morning. that's great news! we have a little bit of slowing. that's pretty typical over here. the one i've been watching the one southbound 880 coming through downtown oakland. nothing reported but there was overnight road work. loca let me give you a look at the bay bridge. we're just seeing the back up. this evening we have san francisco versus oakland in the city. a's versus the giants at at&t
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park so that means a lot of cross-bridge traffic. >> oh, yeah. 5:20 now. coming up first, a gut-wrenching lost for soccer royalty and a stunning announcement from line messy after last night's devastating loss. at least 14 people are injureafk
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crashed into a ci bus in at least 14 people are injured after a fire truck crashed into a city bus in
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queens over the weekend. firefighters say that the truck was on the way throuo a reporte fire when it hit the transit bus. 12 passenger on the bus and two firefighters were injured in the crash. all of their injuries are serious but not life threatening. at least three parked cars were also hit in the middle of the accident. to this developing story scary moments at a scottish theme park over the weekend. a rollercoaster left the track and crashed to the ground. ten people were injured including eight children. a boy waiting in line for the ride captured cell phone video of the scene of the crash. the tsunami coaster travels up to 40 miles per hour. five cars fell off the ride. they fell about 20 feet. no word on how the injured are doing this morning. now shocking news from the international sports icon lionel messi, considered one of the best soccer player in the world, and possibly the greatest of all time says he may never play for argentina again.
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>> and he's less than 30 years old. last night, messi missed a penalty kick in the copi america final. he spoke out to say that's it. it's over for me. messi has never won copa america. he was clearly frustrated by the performance. argentina lost a world cup final in 2014. messi plays for club team barcelona but quitting the national team has the country of argentina in mourning. another member of the golden state warriors representing team usa. harrison barns will reportedly join draymond green on the court for team usa. there's a a chance that barnes could be a former warrior by the time the games begin in august. time the games begin in august. harrison is a redistricted free agent this summer. steph curry declined his invitation to play in rio.
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>> 39 days to go. we continue the count down for the opening ceremony of the olympics games. our very own jessica is going to be heading to rio. president obama will welcome the wnba champions to the white house today. >> the minnesota links will be honored. it will begin the tradition begun by president obama. coming up a dramatic crash leaves a bay area police officer injured. what san francisco police are saying about this weekend's pride celebration. we'll have that story coming up. . solving the homeless problem. san jose city council takes another stab at it. that story is coming up next. for joining us.
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i'm mrock. =laura/4shot= great to see you on a monday morning 5:30. thank you for being here. >> yeah, it's monday! it's a hot one, too. >> yeah. it's going to be another hot one. get ready. the temperatures will be heading back to where they were yesterday. as we start off this morning, it feels nice. a light jacket even needed. especially in the north bay. it's 51 degrees and 52 in san francisco. a lot of sunshine, but we see the coastal clouds. and expect a high of 87 in the
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peninsula. 74 in san francisco, some of us will be hitting the mid to upper 90s and even up to 100 degrees in the trivalley. we'll talk about more what to expect and i'll let you know if there's any cool down in the forecast. let's head to mike. >> predictable pattern. no surprises here. showing green around most of the bay. a little bit of red showing up at the oakmont pass. converge off 205. by the time we get over here easy flow of traffic. a little slowing showed up at the dublin interchange. a few more cars and no problem. the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of folks will head to the bay a back up just formed. getting in toward san francisco an easy drive toward the city now. no problems on the span now. a lot of activity in the city over the weekend. >> very active. lots of celebrations which are
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over. guess what starts after that? the clean up effort. >> today in the bay bob is live with a mess that sometimes left behind after thousands flock to the city this weekend. how does it look behind you, bob? >> reporter: good morning. the city public works department has been out here spraying down the streets in the castro district picking up the trash. we have heard from san francisco police who tell us there were no major incidents over the two-day pride celebration here in san francisco. as for saturday, they arrested 19 people more than half for public inintox. we're waiting for the numbers from sunday. this was the scene earlier yesterday as thousands of people marched down market street in the annual gay pride parade. security was certainly tighter this year after the massacre at the gay nightclub in orlando. heavier police presence. there were members of the community who volunteered to help law enforcement keep an eye
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out for problems. anecdotalbounecdotally it seemes might have been smaller this year compared to others. not clear if it was out of fear of what happened in orlando. >> in some respects is a punctuation point on a world specifically after brexit that focussing on the illusion of separatism. here we're celebrating pluralism. >> reporter: that was the san francisco governor who was marching yesterday in the gay pride parade. there were new security rules. the city installed entry points manned by security guards waned partiers and restricted bag size. relatively peaceful weekend here in san francisco. reporting live in the castro bob redell. >> good to hear, bob. thank you very much. a violent weekend in berkeley's grizzly peak. there were robberies and fights that landed one person in the hospital.
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two groups got in an argument. a man got hurt after he was hit with an object. early saturday morning, two people robbed at gunpoint. police are looking for three suspects in that incident. a san francisco man is wa wantwan wanted in connection with with a kidnapping. the man allegedly forced her into a van, drove 20 miles, beat her, and left her. investigators say one of the suspects involved, a woman from me medara was dating the girl's police officer. a crash involving opd. it happened in the fruit dale district yesterday evening. you see a car on fire. the officer reportedly crashed into another patrol car while chasing a possibly armed suspect. the suspects ended up hitting
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several parked cars a mile away. the officer driving his patrol car is expected to be okay. thankfully. that crash coming less than a day after this scene played out on interstate 580. an oakland police officer was chasing a car-jacking suspect during the pursuit another car stopped in front of the police car forcing the officer to swerve. the patrol car hit a pole and burst into flames. that officer was not seriously injured. the suspect was later arrested. >> it's 5:34. tackling the homeless problem in the south bay. tomorrow san jose city leaders are trying to find a solution. we are live in san jose this morning with a look at the proposal for us. good morning, damian. >> reporter: there are no easy answers when you're trying to address the homeless situation in any city. but in any case, the san jose city council is ready to take on the issue tomorrow at a city council meeting at 1:30 here on fourth street. there are short term and
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long-term solutions here to address the homeless situation in san jose. short term tomorrow the council will likely extent the permits of churches to help out. right now churches are allowed to house the homeless 35 days at a time without going through the lengthy permitting process. that program ends this week and the council will likely vote to extend it for another year. there are also long-term solutions that council will likely tackle. one of those includes $15 million project to build an apartment complex with 162 units. that complex would house those considered chronically homeless. this sits in front of the san jose city council tomorrow. none comes without any detractors, of course, but the council is set to tackle the issue at tomorrow's council meeting. housing the homeless is a priority for the mayor and the board of supervisors here. there are incentives to help
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landlords to participate in the program. >> thank you very much. a grass fire came dangerously close to the geysers geothermal area. it started about 9:00 last night on big geysers road. not far from where the valley fire broke out last year. flames started spreading quickly, but firefighters were able to contain the fire to around 20 acres and then knock down the flames. the geysers area is the world's largest geothermal field covering parts of several counties in the north bay. there's a complex of 22 geothermal powerplants there. 5:36 now. a big rig catches fire causing serious concerns it could start a brush fire. big rig fire was an almost the same spot as a brush fire on the pass a day earlier. the truck was on the way from sears point to the daytona raceway yesterday when the trailer caught fire. the cause is under investigatioinvestigation firefighters on high alert after
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a number of brush fires including several fires near liver more burned more than 200 acres. talking about catastrophes. a developing story. more heavies rains expected in west virginia. flood waters have claimed the lives of 25 people in the last week. more than 20 counties are under a flash flood warning this morning. the national weather service said the downpours are possible in many areas already ravaged by flooding. many people who saw their homes and cars just swept away are now bracing for another round of storms. >> 43 years of stuff being thrown out. it's hard. >> the poor little thing. it'll never be the same. >> the president has declared a major disaster in the state. it allows flood victims to get aid for temporary housing and home repairs. >> having such a tough go. >> so sad. nothing like that in our neck of the woods.
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>> no rain but yet hot temperatures. and we'll see this as we go into the next couple of days a wi sa continue on with the high pressure dominating across the region and creating intense heat. right now we start out with clear skies there. look at the microclimates we see 55 in napa and 56 in palo alto. today's high brings it to up to 80 in oakland, 91 in palo alto, morgan hill 99 degrees, and 102 in fair field. we're going to once again see it not taking a break for quite awhile. i'll show you what else to expect as we go into the next ten minutes coming up in the next microclimate forecast. mike clears a couple of concerns off his list. >> that's right. a few less things to worry about. we're looking to the south bay. the crash cleared off. that was 101 and capital expressway. didn't have a problem. a little slowing replaced by the commute. that's come into the south bay out of the east bay. no surprises there. the other concern slowing for
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downtown oakland. it looks like it was crew clearing and now southbound 880 back at speed as you travel and alameda and the onramps there. a smooth drive toward the bay bridge. the lights on at the toll plaza. that's why we have back up and slowing there. the only issue toward the span because the east shore freeway and the maze looks good. here is a live ak the bay bridge toll plaza. a look at the golden gate bridge. low clouds are hovering around. that's the south tower. and the tower north there and the north bay hills, of course. you can't see them here. the clouds will touch the roadway coming into or out of the north bay. not a major concern now. it looks like things are starting to move already as far as visibility. that's better news. a smooth drive out of the north bay. >> we know they're there. coming up a frightening surprise in southern california. the close encounter with a bear that left a camper injured this weekend. a devastating day on wall
5:40 am
street on friday isn't going to get any better today as we adjust to the brexit idea. we'll take a look. plus, saving the world's coral reeves. the unique way that san francisco researchers plan on repopulating the underwater ecosystem. the bay bridge series kicks off tonight. you can watch it all right here on nbc bay area. taking on the giants at at&t park. our coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. after our 6:00 news. a family heading to church in tr
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a family heading to church in their minivan was struck by an amtrak train in colorado yesterday. the parents and three of their children died. their 4-year-old daughter did survive, but she's in serious condition this morning. investigators say the minivan failed to stop at the railroad crossing and that's when it was hit by the amtrak train. emotion certainly running high as hundreds gather to pray for a high school senior paralyzed after diving into a pool the day before graduation. >> there will be a vigil for jake javier that was held last night where he played football. on june 9th, javier broke his neck while diving into his friend's swimming pool. the tragedy has not crushed his
5:44 am
will to live. he has a long way to go. >> it's been uplifting to see his face and see him in such high spirits. he's motivating us even though we're supposed to be out there for him. he's given us power by being so strong. >> that's good news and inspiration here. the family said he should be out of icu within the next few days. campers in los angeles had a scary surprise over the weekend when a bear attacked a man in his tent. it happened friday night at a campground near pasadena. authorities say the bear tore into the campers tend and left a man with a gash on his tent. >> ripped over the tent with the paw and struck the camper in the head with his paw/claws. >> the man didn't realize he had been injured until he felt blood dripping down his face. it took 18 stitches to close the wound. officers ended up capturing the
5:45 am
bear in the area. they will test for dna if a match the animal will be euthanized. attacks like this are rare, but a reminder for campers to never leave food out. fourth of july just around the corner. starting today police in several cities will crack down on illegal fireworks. in cities like pacifica you can face a thousand dollar fine, even jail time if you're caught with illegal fireworks. extreme fire danger is forcing cities to step up crack down. some parts of the bay area allow safe and sane fireworks. check with your city for legal fireworks you can enjoy for fourth of july. and officials plan to show the dangers of the illegal fireworks today in santa clara. they will hold a news conference at 1:00 this afternoon. it's good to be prepared. 10,000 people nationwide end up in the er during the fourth of july weekend.
5:46 am
>> if you're planning to hit the road on the fourth of july, expect some packed highways. it's going to be likely be the busiest. >> aaa predicts nearly 43 million americans will travel this holiday weekend. the margety are driving. since aaa sin arka started trac 2001, it's expected to be the highest. >> a popular time to be worried right now. there could be more pain on wall street as we enter the second business day of the brexit. >> scott mcgrew has been watching. >> we're not predicting the disaster we saw. that's good when the dow fell more than 600 points. global markets saw more than $2 trillion leave stocks and flee toward safer bets like gold and u.s. bonds. in great britain, a lot of second thoughts. you may have heard the term regret. voters saying they voted to exit
5:47 am
to show their anger, not realizing enough people were going to vote their anger to tip the vote. many asked if it would be possible to have a second vote to undo the brexit. back here at home, facebook live. we showed you behind the scenes at nbc bay area on facebook live. youtube said it'll have its own version you can broadcast live. it's available for youtube stars first. you get it later yourself. we were talking about the picture of mark zuckerberg. he was talking about instagram. he covered his computer's web camera with tape. right there. it made the rest of us paranoided. we checked with an expert. should we be covering our own cameras? >> the head of the fbi candidate he does it as well. you talk to the people in the security community. at the end of the day, you can't keep people out of your electronic devices.
5:48 am
there's a lot of well publicized stories about people hacking into phones, computers, taking pictures. >> so that means tape over your web camera. the man makes a special extra secret thing you can put your iphone in they sell to ceos who are traveling overseas that jams the iphone. a lot of ceos, i didn't realize this, a lot of ceos when they go overseas don't take a work computer or iphone. they have a personal iphone they only take to other countries because of the worry of being spied upon. >> they don't take company secrets with them. they take essentially a burner phone. >> it's freaking me. >> i taped over my web cam. >> if mark zuckerberg did. >> go tape over mine. >> our desks by each other. did you realize one of the most popular google searches from great britain is "what is the eu." >> what are we voting on.
5:49 am
>> after they voted lots of great britain or lot of britains "what is the eu." >> maybe a little reflective of it. >> it was interesting, too, they talked about who came out to vote, as well. the old versus the young and who was controlling it. it was fascinating. >> yeah. >> thank you, scott. san francisco researchers may have unlocked the key to saving the world's coral reeves. it involves inveto for thelization. marine biologists will set up on expeditions to the caribbean and mexico. they are planning to seed two of the world's largest reeves with millions of coral larva. if all goes within plan, they predict two years large numbers of coral will be flourishing. >> that's fascinating. it makes sense. >> yeah. it's great news considering they've had a lot of bleaching and a warm water causing some damage to the reeves there. >> that's critical to the entire ecosystem of the ocean.
5:50 am
>> we might be finding out what the oceans are looking like if the weather stays like this. >> yeah. it's so hot. we haven't had any relief from the heat as we head into the weekend. as we go into the next several days more of the same weather. as we get a live look outside gorgeous shot from san bruno mountain. you can see the cloud there kind of hovering over the city. we've had pretty much the same picture every day. the morning cloud along the coast and the afternoon sunshine. here is a look from ocean beach watching a couple of cargo ships heading out. temperature at 63 degrees. if you're planning to head to the beach today, it will be a great day for it as we start off with the temperatures there in the low out 60s heading up to 6 ocean beach by noon. santa cruz will be at 74. santa cruz will be warmer eventually hitting the low 80s before dipping down. and we'll have some 60s along the coast as well. and a look at the microclimates. a wide range in temperatures and
5:51 am
most definitely you'll want to head to the beach, if you can today. for some spots like gill roy we'll be over 100 degrees today. at pacifica 73 degrees. castro 74. 94 in santa rosa, fremont 90 today, and livermore up to 101 degrees. we still have the stubborn area of high pressure. just will not get out of here. we're still dealing with the intense heat over the central valley. we'll see those 90s for parts of the trivalley. then as you head toward san francisco, once again, mid 70s. still no change as we go through the middle of the week. more of the same weather. and you'll be able to enjoy a nice cool evening at at&t park today for the bay bridge series. and starts at 7:15 we'll be at 66 degrees. by the end of the game we'll be dropping back to 61 degrees. over the next several days for the south bay, our average high temperature is 82 degrees. we stay well above that.
5:52 am
not only through wednesday but even as temperatures start to dip toward the end of the week, we'll still be at least 6 degrees above average. we'll take another look at the forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's head to mike to see if there's any troubled spots on the roadways. >> not many trouble spots. we have a new trouble spot for the trivalley. i want to show you southbound 680 for now a stall reported. a lot of slowing as it was initially reported. looks like everything might be off the shoulder that the point. speeds recovering from the dublin interchange. meanwhile southbound 880 there may be an issue here. it would be northbound at 92 the connecter might be affected by a crash. not a major concern but i'll track it. the rest of the try valley pretty much as expected. on the same line we check the
5:53 am
san mateo bridge westbound. a live look at the south bay. we have some slowing northbound 101. this is the first burst of traffic from 680 and 880. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 5:53. coming up hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail with a possible running mate. a new poll who shows most people are supporting in the presidential race. first, happening now, a possible military device washes ashore on a southern california beach. we've linked up to the story on also, former high school teacher championship program helps 150 low income students reach college. watch that story on our home page
5:54 am
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singapore airlines jet, welcome back. it's 5:56. tense moments aboard a jet after it caught fire on the runway. take a look at the video. flames poring from the wing of the plane. the airline said the flight from singapore turned around for an emergency landing after the crew received a warning about engine.
5:57 am
the engine caught fire just after it landed. they doused the flames and all 240 people on board were able to get off the plane safely. >> i can only imagine what they were thinking. a developing story and caveakai chaotic moments at a theme park in scotland as a rollercoaster flies off the track. 10 people, including eight children were injured result. a boy waiting in line for the ride shows cell phone video of the scene right after the crash. the tsunami costar reaches speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, and authorities say it derailed going around a turn. no word on the condition of those hurt this morning. the supreme court is expected to issue the final decision of the term today. one of the most closely watched cases involves abortion. and a restrictive texas law. since texas passed the law, nearly three years ago, the number of abortion clinics in the state have gone from 42 to 19.
5:58 am
under the texas law abortion clinics have to meet the same medical centers as walk in surgical centers. they have to have hospital admitting privileges. sponsors say the law protects patients. opponents say the law is geared at stopping abortions. >> our objective is to make sure we provide a strong authority to meet the women's health. >> they went the round about way to make it impossible. they couldn't make it illegal but they make it impossible. >> 12 other states adopted similar restrictions. some on hold because of court battles. their future depends on how the supreme court rules today. decision 2016 donald trump's campaign defending his comments about the united kingdom leaving the european union. in the meantime, hillary clinton hits the road with a possible veep. the presumptive elizabeth warren this morning.
5:59 am
come despite our latest nbc wall street journal poll showing that clinton maintains a five-point lead in the general election, top republicans are becoming more confident that trump can win. >> in turbulent times it cause for turbulence. >> as a person who gets things done is one of the attraction of his candidacy. >> today is the first time that senator elizabeth warren joins clinton on the campaign trail. stunning news from the sports world. it appears international soccer super star line messy is done playing for argentina. after the game messi told the argue teen sports network,
6:00 am
quote, it's not meant for me. i tried. it's the thing i wanted most but i couldn't get it. i think it's over. messi will continue playing for club team's barcelona. high speed chase comes to a crashing end. the reason chp went after the driver in the first place. law enforcement is saying about this weekend's gay pride celebration. fighting back against claims that the progress crews are making against the devastating wild fire. "today in the bay" continues no now. >> good monday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> high heat and strong winds. we'll continue on with that and low humidity as we go through the next several days. and unfortunately it looks like it takes awhile before we catch a break.


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